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Bromsgrove Concerts: bringing music alive and music lovers together

Bromsgrove Concerts aims to provide varied and imaginative programmes, and to regularly introduce audiences to unfamiliar contemporary pieces to broaden their listening experience.

Location and Tickets

From September 2021 all live concerts will take place in Bromsgrove School, either in Cobham Theatre, Bromsgrove Preparatory School (3D map) or in the new Routh Hall, Bromsgrove Senior School. (3D map) How to get there (with maps) here.

We are grateful to Bromsgrove School for offering these superb locations and for the use of their facilities and systems

We intend to use Bromsgrove School's ticket booking system when we have properly set up the concerts on this website. The system should be working in the next few days. Please watch this space!

Book: A history of Bromsgrove Concerts

written and compiled by Joyce Chamberlain

Book cover image

In 1963, the Head of Bromsgrove Preparatory School asked a young teacher, Jim Page, to set up a concert club for the school. Almost 60 years later, Bromsgrove Concerts is still providing inspiring chamber music concerts for the people of Bromsgrove and the wider community. Along the way it has hosted concerts by some of the most eminent musicians from the UK and Europe and has won numerous awards for its adventurous and exciting programming

Book Launch: September 24th. in Cobham Theatre, Bromsgrove Prep School before first concert of 2021 - 2022 season. More details later.

Next Concerts in 2021 - 2022

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2021 - 2022 Season

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