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Bromsgrove Concerts: bringing music alive and music lovers together.

We aim to provide varied and imaginative programmes, and to regularly introduce audiences to unfamiliar contemporary pieces to broaden their listening experience.

Book up for our exciting new season starting early August 2022. Single tickets can be bought online, or via a telephone message to the school box office 01527 579679 Ext 616 or at the door. If you are coming with a carer then your carer can come free of charge. Please contact the school box office about arrangements for parking. etc. Also if you are unemployed then please speak to the box office directly.

Use this Booking Form for Season tickets for all eight concerts with discount and for other multi-ticket discounts using cheque or Bank Transfer

Next Concerts in 2022 - 2023 season

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2022 - 2023 Season

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From September 2021 all live concerts will take place in Bromsgrove School, either in Cobham Theatre, Bromsgrove Preparatory School (3D map) or in the new Routh Hall, Bromsgrove Senior School. (3D map) How to get there (with maps) here. Please also read our guide How to get to Routh Hall

School or College student?

If you are a young person in education then our concerts are free to you!

Unfortunately the booking system does not cope with this, but just turn up on the night and we will give you a free pass.

Book: A history of Bromsgrove Concerts

written and compiled by Joyce Chamberlain

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You will be able to buy books at each physical concert, and also on this website at buy the book.